We, LINX KK THAILAND, support the automation of your factory using cutting-edge technologies such as "3D image processing", "AI" and "Advanced Robotics". We can help you empower your production capacity with innovative solutions.

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We are one of Japan's leading specialist technology trading companies specializing in the field of factory automation (FA).

  • We are the only one official distributor of Basler in Thailand

    The world leader in industrial cameras

  • We solve your problems together.

    At LINX KK (Thailand), we supply machine vision components, industrial PC based cameras, optics, illumination, and software. Our in-house team of experts are well versed in consulting and evaluating with technical advice for all our clients’ projects; focus on identifying and providing the best solution, with value-add services, to help our clients to grow their businesses sustainably. With over 30 years of experience and specializing in Factory Automation and Machine Vision industry, we have the technical know-how, customer service, delivery, and after-sales service to serve you better!


The best in the industry. A wide selection of products from world famous brands.

  • Basler

    With more than 130 models, the ace/ace2 series is the largest and one of the best selling industrial cameras series in the market.

  • Photoneo


    Provider of best in class 3D sensors, robotic intelligence software and advanced automation solutions for broad range of industrial sectors.

  • LMI - Gocator

    Meet Gocator®, the world’s leading 3D smart sensor for factory automation, inline quality inspection, material optimization, and smart 3D robot vision in industrial inline applications.

  • Edmund Optics

    Edmund Optics (EO) has been a leading producer of optics, imaging, and laser optics for more than 79 years. Discover the latest optical and imaging technology.

  • VS Technology

    VS Technology develops and manufactures a wide variety of more than 400 machine vision lenses as well as offering an array of customized and semi-customized lens.

  • VAL
    (Powered by VS Technology)

    VAL is a subsidiary of VS Technology that specializes in designing and manufacturing LED lighting and power supplies. In addition, VAL also offer custom lighting and OEM solutions.


    Vecow is a team of embedded experts providing smart and trusted AIoT Solution Services to accelerate your success.

  • Chromasens

    The Line scan experts offering innovative products: Line scan cameras, 3D cameras based on line scan technology and professional illumination systems for line scan imaging

  • Zenon
    Powered by COPA-DATA

    The zenon software platform supports innovative companies worldwide in simple, secure, and independent industrial automation. As an industrial automation software, it contributes to the digital transformation and convergence of OT and IT.


Our mission is to always deliver the most advanced information and equipment to our customers.

  • Project consultant

  • Evaluation report

  • Product Technical training

  • Demo unit loan -Available-

Project consultant

Our full-time consultants will accompany you through to the realization of your inspection based on case studies from Japan and around the world.

Evaluation report

We provide a solution for inspection in difficult conditions that could not be achieved with smart cameras and image processing controllers. We offer a new type of inspection that uses AI to significantly reduce costs with computer-based inspection.

Product Technical training

By increasing knowledge of machine vision for those who are interested, we can help increase your success in the industry. From basic to advanced, you will learn both theory and practice, including deploying in a variety of applications.

Demo unit loan -Available-

We have demo products to borrow for free! To experiment with your project before making a decision to order.


We have delivered the dreams of genius engineers to many corporate clients.

  • Urban City Solution

    Basler Low-Light ace U camera was selected for use by an American system integrator for a vision system that detects and tracks hundreds of moving people and vehicles, alerts about unusual activity and records the image data for later analysis. Read more.

  • Vehicle Tyre 3D Inspection

    A company that specializes in measuring instruments selected Basler ace classic camera to enable 3D measurement of tyre depth on vehicles that are used for service garages, car dealerships and freight carriers across Germany. Read more.

  • Innovative piece picking solution for the automotive industry

    The customer Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s. decided to automate one of its car body production processes, which was performed manually before. They decided for Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner based on its unique features, including high accuracy and resolution, fast scanning speed, industrial-grade quality, support, and other benefits the scanner provides. The solution was designed to ensure stability and repeatability of the process and it helped to increase the degree of automation and reduce production costs.

  • Applications in various industries

    Automation and inline quality control are driving factories to be smart. That's why LMI created Gocator. The 3D smart sensor to solve all your inline inspection applications.

  • Creating Safer Roads with Autonomous Vehicles

    Victor Tango AutoDrive is a team of students from Virginia Tech who is competing against other universities to design and build a fully autonomous vehicle. The team utilizes imaging systems, lidar, and processing algorithms to ensure that its vehicle can stay within lane lines, avoid pedestrians and other obstacles, and altogether safely navigate in an urban setting. Edmund Optics® (EO) is proud to sponsor Victor Tango AutoDrive and provide imaging lenses, cameras, and engineering support to help tackle the transportation challenges of tomorrow.

  • Lens Products from VS Technology

    This video shows the new technology of machine vision lenses in various industries such as electronics, Logistics, food and beverage, landscape etc.

  • Make Computer Vision World Possible

    Vecow is your trusted embedded business partner. Have a look how Vecow powerful computing engines make Edge AI solutions possible.

  • Fast 100% Inline Print Inspection for the Packaging Industry

    Quality control within package printing processes is one of the key fields of application of fast, high-performance color line scan cameras. To this end, Irish machine vision specialist OneBoxVision has developed an "out of the box" solution for 100% inline inspection. The central component of this solution is a CCD color line scan camera by Chromasens. Read more.

  • zenon Application Set for smarter Substation HMI

    The fast lane to your digital energy solution -The Substation HMI Application Set comes with all necessary information, components and templates to set up a substation HMI project easily and out of the box.
    - You benefit from shorter project times while enjoying the full range of zenon’s capabilities
    - helping you to maximize the potential of your facility.
    - Get started easily and without any obligations.


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LINX KK(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
69/405 Moo 1, Ban Mai Sub-district,
Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi
11120 Thailand